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We, the Eco-Goldex Team, are the owner of Eco-Goldex technology and product supplier. 

Eco-Goldex has an integrated product research, product implementation and industrial application group to warrant its product quality and ongoing product innovation and quality improvement.



Eco-Goldex’s mission is to supply the innovative low-toxic Eco-Goldex reagent to gold extraction operators to replace the toxic sodium cyanide and help them have free access to the simple, easy to use and effective gold extraction reagent regardless of their operating scale and financial capacity worldwide.


Eco-Goldex is planning to set a new metallurgical testing lab with its partner in Canada, to facilitate clients' sample test requirements in order to support their gold leaching reagent switching from cyanide to Eco-Goldex. These advantages of company resource distribution and management, together with its sophisticated logistic service system, have put Eco-Goldex in a competitive position to serve its global clients better and faster.

Ultimate goal

Eco-Goldex's ultimate goal is to replace sodium cyanide with its low-toxic and effective Eco-Goldex product series for gold extraction in both gold mining and E-waste processing sectors, and help gold extraction operators having easy access to the simple, and easy to use and yet eco-friendly gold leaching reagent regardless of their operational scales and financial capacities.

Why Eco-Goldex

As a responsible company, Eco-Goldex keeps the improvement of its product work efficiency and ensure ecologically responsible end waste solution disposal. Eco-Goldex is probably only one of the few manufacturers that not only provides gold stripping reagent but also provides technical support on waste solution treatment to ensure a truly eco-friendly gold-stripping process.

Support and Consultation

Eco-goldex provides gold extraction products, technical supports and gold project development consultation services.


Eco-Goldex sets its administrative office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, while keeps its manufacturing facility and research group in Shanghai, China.This strategic geographic distribution of Eco-Goldex management and manufacturing facility positions Eco-Goldex in the most attractive gold mining industry and business-friendly environment in North America, at the same time, to effectively control its production cost in China.

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