A Turn-Key Complete Metal Recovery (Au-Ag-PGM-Sn-Cu) System

USD $450,000.00

This is an updated complete turn-key precious metal stripping -recovery system of E-waste materials recycling operations. In the modified stripping system, two stripping cells replaces old model (one stripping cell), this modification significantly improves stripping system work performance and allows separate stripping of materials with different qualities.

With this package, client will be able to process 1000 kg E-waste materials per day with a daily gold product of 400-500 grams (~ 20,000 USD daily revenue from gold alone).

This package includes:

  • a semi-automatic gold stripping system (new model with 2 stripping cells)
  • an automatic gold recovery electrowinning system of Eco-Goldex E series preg-solution
  • 1 Ti coated cathode drum
  • 2 spare stainless drums
  • a single gold adsorption resin column (200*1200 mm) with 50 litres of gold adsorption resin included
  • Onsite installation and training exclude travel expenses.

Please contact us for detailed system features, shipping costs.

*The price is with FOB Term.

One 20ft container should fit all systems and materials included in the package.

Container shipment cost varies and related to the destination.

Weight100 kg


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