Semi Automatic Surface Au-Ag Stripping System

USD $17,000.00

This semi-automatic gold stripping system is capable of processing E-waste materials about 1000 kg per day.

This is an updated system with two working cells, one rinsing cell and one load platform/unload chute.

Two stripping barriers with two different screen sizes (5mm, 8mm) to handle different electronic parts (i.e. large-sized PCB and small-sized pins will be processed in separate barriers).

2 HP motor provides driving power for lifting and transferring barriers among cells as well as barrier spinning.

Control panel sets striping time and stripping temperature control(on/off). heated stripping cell with stainless heater.

  • This is a stripping only system for surface gold-silver removing from e-scraps .
  • Stripping barrier dimensions:
    • Diameter: 432 mm
    • Length: 600 mm
  • Working electricity voltage: 220 voltage, 3 phases, 60 Hz.
  • The system can be customized to fit the specific operational capacity requirements.
Weight1480 kg
Dimensions4500 × 2500 × 3500 cm


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